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HOT MAMA’S® Habanero Pepper Mash -- 8oz.

Hot Sauces, Pepper Powders, Spices & Mashes

Hot Mama’s® unique blend of traditional hot sauces, spices and mashes are not your typical Caribbean hot pepper products – They are slow-blended over time and never coarse processed. Belizeans love their hot pepper products and they have them to cook with or enjoy with nearly every meal. Walk into any home or restaurant and you will see them readily available right there on the table.

Once you crack open a bottle of Hot Mama’s® gourmet pepper sauce, powder or mash , it’s OK to leave it on the table - right in arm's reach for the next time you need to add a little kick to your meal. No need to refrigerate. Try a bottle, jar or canister or two today, you're sure to be satisfied!

HOT MAMA’S® Habanero Pepper Mash -- 8oz.


HOT MAMA’S® Habanero Pepper Mash -- 8oz.


Think you can make your own killer hot sauce? HOT MAMA’S® wants you to try! HOT MAMA’S® Habanero Pepper Mash is made with selected fresh red habanero peppers that are ground up and preserved with 15% sea salt (85 by volume).

Don't want to make your own pepper sauce but want some heat? Add HOT MAMA’S® Habanero Pepper Mash to your favorite recipes. When a recipe calls for hot peppers and you don't want to handle them, just add some HOT MAMA’S® Habanero Pepper Mash.


1.25 ounce jar

8 ounce jar

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RECIPE: Caribbean Hot Sauce
Categories: Sauces/Marinades | Products: Habanero Pepper Mash,

SERVES: Several
ZEST: Fiery
PREP TIME: 3 mins
1 cup Hot Mama’s Habanero Pepper Mash
1 cup water
1 onion minced
2 cloves garlic minced

Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree until smooth.  Let sit for 1 hour to blend the flavors.