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Please read the following Shipping and Returns policy carefully.  By ordering from this website, you acknowledge having read, understood,  accepted and agree to be bound by all conditions of this policy prior to making any final purchase from this website.

Shipping & Returns


All parcel shipping is handled independently by either the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx and not Sauces, Scents and Sweets directly.  Shipping times vary based on a number of factors including shipping method and the customers geographic location*. Based on the customers shipping preference, these providers normally provide economy, traditional and expedited shipping options. Shipping costs are independently determined by one of these providers based on overall volume weight and size of the containing parcel. Customers are advised to read, record, understand and consent to any and all shipping charges at checkout before authorizing the final transaction in order to avoid any shipping interruptions, confusion or over-charges. 

Sauces, Scents and Sweets bears no responsibility whatsoever for any misunderstandings regarding estimated delivery times, shipping method and/or shipping charges as this is an independent contract entered into solely by the shipping provider and the customer. A tracking number is provided by the selected carrier at time of check-out and customers are advised to record this information and maintain it in the event there are any questions regarding delayed or undelivered shipments and to contact the shipping provider directly should such an incident occur.

*International shipping is currently not available.



Any and all online sales transacted via the website '' are final. No returns or exchanges are either implicitly or directly implied and shall not be granted whatever the circumstance except in the case of product shortages or filling errors*.  Sauces, Scents and Sweets is a distributor and while we do our utmost to ensure that the quality of all products offered on the website, we cannot, and therefore do not, provide any product guarantee, either expressly or implicitly. Any and all issues with product defects should be directed to the product manufacturer directly and not Sauces, Scents and Sweets. In the event of damaged or missing product(s) or package tampering, these issues should be directed to the shipping provider directly for remedy and not Sauces, Scents and Sweets.

*In the event an order is not processed with either the correct number or exact type of product the customer has ordered, Sauces, Scents and Sweets will consult its inventory and processing logs to confirm the order and every attempt will be made to correct the error including (but not limited to) sending the customer the unsent product(s) or the actual type of product the customer ordered at no cost to the customer. If this cannot be achieved (due to product shortages or outages), the customer will be issued a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling costs).  In these instances (and these instances only), please contact the site directly via the Contact page for remedy.